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We are ready to shape your next big digital adventure

Contact us now for a non-binding conversation. Following a free initial assessment, you'll receive a proposal for potential solutions within a few days, designed to save you time and money.

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Why SteinCode?

Your Expert Partner

Leverage our extensive of experience across the application development spectrum. From web development and design to data engineering, we offer comprehensive support in nearly every area.

Innovative Solutions

Stay ahead of the competition with the latest technologies and innovations. From machine learning to LLMs, we tailor solutions to fit your unique needs.

Collaborative Success

Your goals are our priority. We go beyond mere execution; we collaborate closely with you to ensure your objectives are met with precision and excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process from initial contact to project completion?

The first and most crucial step for a successful project is a comprehensive initial assessment. We conduct this assessment free of charge and without obligation, as it ensures that your investment is targeted and effective. Our goal for all projects is to achieve maximum payback within one year.

After the assessment, we create a customized proposal for project implementation, including a cost estimate. Upon acceptance of the proposal, our collaboration would begin.

The project implementation then proceeds in several phases, with feedback and review sessions with you at the beginning and end of each phase. This ensures that you have full control over the project progress and costs.

How do we ensure the quality of our software solutions?

As seasoned technicians, we set the highest standards for our work. We guarantee the quality and security of our solutions through the following measures:

  • We develop software with automated testing to ensure that the solutions remain error-free even with further modifications.
  • We only use the latest technologies and frameworks to ensure you are well-prepared for the coming years.
How do our services stand out from the competition?

We're more than just technicians — our career experiences give us a deep understanding of the challenges that businesses, particularly SMEs, face from a comprehensive perspective.

With our background in business economics and years of experience in complete 'end-to-end' software solution development involving all stakeholders, we blend technical prowess with deep industry knowledge. This dual expertise allows us not only to deliver technically high-quality solutions but also to ensure they are perfectly aligned with your company's overall strategy.

SteinCode was founded not merely to create software by a standard blueprint but to be a partner who takes a holistic view of your needs and workflows, developing the ideal solutions from both a content-driven and technical standpoint.

This commitment is why we offer a complimentary initial analysis. We aim to support you as effectively as possible, providing solutions that are not only ideal in the short term but sustainable over the long run.

How do we calculate the costs for our services?

Our aim is to execute projects that deliver measurable value and pay for themselves within a year. We're committed to your success.

Beyond just solutions, we offer security and trust. Through our complimentary and initial assessment, we ensure that we provide exactly the solution that meets your needs. This method guarantees that your investment is precisely targeted and effective, aiming for maximum return within one year.

Our pricing is based on a fair and transparent hourly rate. This approach ensures that costs accurately reflect the actual effort and complexity of your project. At the start of a project, we estimate the necessary effort and set a clear cost framework. Throughout the project, we maintain open communication about progress to ensure you always have control.

What happens if we need support after the project is completed?

At SteinCode, we see ourselves not just as contractors, but as your partners. Our aim is to save you time and money in the long run.

We are available not only for future projects but also offer dedicated service contracts. These ensure ongoing and prioritized support for all your further optimization needs.

How can we start a collaboration?

Contact us with no obligation through our website or by email at

We look forward to learning more about your challenges and discussing how we can help you achieve your goals.